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  • 1325 nine centimeter plate blanking machine
    1. The combination of the recording system and the machine software saves the time of using software to draw pictures and improves the work efficiency per unit of time. 2. The machine is easy to learn and does not cause harm to the human body during use. Cutting is safer. 3. Digitized cutting graphics, machine cutting strictly follows the trajectory cutting, which is more flexible than table saws, and the cutting size is more standard. 4. The machine table is equipped with tooling, which can realize multi-layer cutting of thin plates, which is 3-5 times the manual efficiency. 5. The beam is equipped with a pneumatic pressure roller to firmly fix the material on the table, which is easy to cut. Due to the unevenness of multi-layer boards and multi-layer cutting, the vacuum suction function is not suitable. 6. Compared with ordinary woodworking machinery, this customized cutting machine is more professional for cutting sofa panels.
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