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  • 1610 Full Function Laser Cutting Machine
    This automatic feeding laser cutting machine uses a high-speed internal slide rail with a high-power laser tube to cut fast, which is suitable for flexible materials. Provide you with car foot pads, car light pads, car seat covers and other industry solutions!
  • 1625 Light Cushion Cutting Machine
    Maxtron Laser has continued to penetrate the industry, understand the needs of the industry, and developed this machine. The machine adopts an offline color screen control system and is equipped with a high-power laser tube for fast cutting speed, which improves the work efficiency. Laser cutting has the function of automatic hemming, and the effect of cutting edges is good. Complimentary light-proof pad version, car seat cover version and car mat version.
  • 1625 Rotating Foot Cutter
    This machine is specially developed and designed according to the automotive interior industry, with fast cutting speed and high precision. Suitable for various foot pad materials.
  • 1625 vibration knife cutting machine
    Using Japanese servo motor with high-speed vibration cutter head, fast cutting speed and high precision. Suitable for cutting car mats and leather seats.
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