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  • MC9060 wine bottle engraving machine
    Adopting the industrialized mass production method of the laser industry, the appearance is beautiful, the structure is stable, the performance is excellent, and the maintenance is simple. Optional humanized automatic lifting platform can intelligently adjust the height of the platform for different thickness materials to ensure the best focus point, so as to achieve a perfect cutting effect. It can process a variety of non-metallic materials such as bamboo, wood, acrylic, two-color board, marble, etc. with different thicknesses. It is especially suitable for the advertising industry and crafts industry with various thickness material processing requirements. The USB port is used to transfer data, which can be used offline. One computer can control multiple machines, the large LCD screen is displayed, the man-machine interface is friendly, and the operation is more convenient. Continuous and fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function greatly improve work efficiency.
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