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  • 1630 Automatic Sofa Laser Cutting Machine
    1. Fully automatic and intelligent: the use of a crawler-type work table with the feeding system can realize automatic continuous processing
    2. Cost saving: the intelligent software automatically optimizes the processing path, and the intelligent typesetting software can be configured to calculate the material length to save materials and reduce costs
    3. Improve efficiency: the high-power laser tube is equipped with high-speed inner slide rail, which has fast cutting speed, and has the effect of automatic edge locking, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
    4. Automatic deviation correction system: Automatic deviation correction feeding system solves the defect of long-term cutting fabric deviation.
    5. Customized sofa special shape: it can realize the rapid change of special shape, simple and convenient.
  • MC-1625 Automatic sofa round knife cutting machine
    1. Adopt crawler-type working table and feeding system to realize automatic continuous processing
    2. The CNC system automatically optimizes the processing path, and can be equipped with intelligent typesetting software to save materials and reduce costs.
    3. The sofa is customized with a special shape, and it can be changed with one click.
    4. Automatic deviation correction can ensure accurate delivery, realize continuous cutting of super-width, and truly save labor by one person operating the equipment.
    5. Improve efficiency. Imported servo motor cooperates with high-precision round knife, cutting speed is fast.
  • MC-1325 Nine-Cutting Board Cutting Machine
    It can cut multiple layers at once, with high speed and high precision. Solve the problem of inaccurate cutting for you.
  • MC-1390 laser engraving machine
    As the complexity of the cutting process increases, traditional manual cutting and original mechanical processing are restricted by equipment and technology, and the cutting accuracy of the processed object is low, which affects the quality of the product to a certain extent, and even affects the economical. benefit. Matron CNC is based on the reality of all walks of life. According to the characteristics of high energy density and strong operability of laser, it has successfully developed a new generation of XP system high-speed laser cutting machine based on years of production of laser equipment. The equipment has a wide range of processing materials, smooth cutting edges, no burrs, no polishing, no noise, no dust, high processing speed, high precision, less waste, and high efficiency. It is a must and a best choice for various industries.
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